Epilogue: The First Barcelona Indoor Supercross

The reactions were of disbelief from around the world. All media, both specialized and general reported the accident and its circumstances, and published beautiful biographies of the champion. From that moment, despite the high quality of the competitors, the different categories of the motocross championship in Spain were not the same. Years went by, new generations of pilots replaced the older ones and finally the memory of Fernando was blurring.

The October 12th, 1983 a great posthumous tribute took the form of a Indoor Motocross  in Barcelona Stadium Julià Campmany,  fundraiser for the family of Randy.It was called «The Friends of Randy» and consisted in a race that involved many of the best riders in the world, including world champions Georges Jobe, Harry Everts or André Malherbe and motocross elite of Spain, as the Elias brothers or Toni Arcarons and Pablo Colomina among many others. Fernando believed that the future of motocross was the indoor mode so popular in the United States, he said that «we must do it like in America, we should do a great show, if not, the motocross will die.» Ignacio Bultó donated a Merlin 350 for the final raffle. Half the neighborhood of Pallejà recognises themselves in those photos.

1983-Supercross ticket


1983- Los Amigos de Pallejà Poster

All Belgian aces, and all the Spanish riders were in Barcelona for free but Pepi, Fernando’s widow wished to make awards for pilots. Mechanics also gave up their salaries. In the awards ceremony Malherbe said on behalf of all the pilots «this is for Randy, this is for his wife. We have come to run and remember the friend. » Pepi asked to please accept the award money, and Malherbe’s wife unexpectedly intervened and said «Shut André» and though his words were in French she was understood by the entire stadium attendance, and asked Pepi to accept the money. A big hug got goosebumps all attendees.

1983-Randy’s bike dominates Supercross

It is also celebrated as memorial in 2013 the classic motocross exhibition organized by the Jarama Vintage Fernando de Portugal with the assistance of major figures of the time showing his class despite years. The Vintage Motocross 2013 Montgai also pays tribute to his memory.