Motocross for Beta, KTM and Yamaha (1982-1983)

1982. Spanish Champion in 500 cc and runner-up in 250 cc categories.

Muñoz accepts the offer of the brand new Beta importer who wants to hire his services to position the brand that has just entered the Spanish market.

Randy works tirelessly to improve the standard bike. Improves the engine, chassis and incorporates suspensions of better quality. Debuts the Beta in II Motocross in Valls (Tarragona) raced on February 7th and finished into third place in both races. He was  disputing the championships in 250 and 500cc

The first race of the 500cc championship run in Cullera (Valencia) on 14th February at the circuit Las Zorras. Muñoz entered first in the first race and third in the second, beginning the season leading the championship, which recognizes that gives him lots of motivation.

The second race is in Jerez on March 8th but a pilot abandon because the excessive dust in the circuit aborts the race.

The first round of the 250 cc championship takes place in Olot on March 21th, tying Muñoz and Arcarons. Muñoz wins the first race and scores second in the second, while Arcarons classifies reverse. Elias has no luck with his Derbi, breaking engine.

On March 28th was the Esplugues motocross 250cc Championship, where without much mud Muñoz comes second in the first set, and gets trapped in a jam in the start of the second set, which relegated him to sixth place, and the second provisional place in the championship.

On 4th April the third round of the championship 500 cc is raced, the Motocross XII of Girona, and Muñoz begins leading the first set, but an abandonment makes him finish third in the third set, which makes him to be at two points Mas and Arcarons, both ranked first place in the provisional championship of Spain.

On 11th April in Guadalajara races the third round of the championship 250 cc and runs regularly Muñoz over the slippery mud typical of the area, scoring fourth in the first set and sixth in the second.

On April 18th in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) the Spring Challenge, the fourth round of the championship 500 cc, takes place in the rain and Muñoz wins in the circuit Los Barrancos the second set and is second in the first, leading the overall classification.

On 24 and 25th April Spain GP world championship run in the circuit Valles Sabadell-Terrassa 120 pilots and 23 international countries representatives. In practice Muñoz ranks in 4th place in Group B and 13 º all, that allow the fans dream. Good forecasts are confirmed when Muñoz goes in head and keeps the first position from the second round of the first round. Dreams had a rude awakening to break the chain, that could not resist Randy’s right fist strengh and forced him to leave. Who knows what would do riding an official bike.

Fernando always jokes saying that he’s more afraid of reporters that «a monkey with a razor in his hand.»In an interview to El Mundo Deportivo the week after he recognized he could be among the greats, but the lack of experience, not on his part, and means, prevented to, not enthusiasm and excitement of being on. In the world championship there were overprepared machines and the factory does not provide technical support for Beta importer in Spain. Go forward a GP in such conditions puts very high morale.

 Fernando Muñoz: El Mundial de Motocross está dificilísimo. El Mundo Deportivo, viernes 7 de mayo de 1982

On May 2th at the fourth round of the 250 cc championship of Spain in Yunquera de Henares, Muñoz ranks second in both races and maintains his comfortable lead at the top of the scores.

In Burgos, the fifth round, enters third in the first race and sixth in the second race. This makes him still lead, but only one point behind the runner-up, Arcarons. After this event the decision is taken: Muñoz will be a private Yamaha rider, a machine with a good reputation for reliability, but is not official. Only Barcelona dealer of Yamaha Pit-Stop is supporting him.

SEMSA-Yahama Spain’s policy consists in to not attend any official and championship racing bikes arriving from Japan, which are going to be paid by the teams. Yes, they intend to participate in the world of speed whenever a prestige technician’s team as Cobas Antonio or Eduardo Giró are involved because they do not want to make a bad paper. There is an agreement with Motul as sponsor.

On July 18th Muñoz wins the XIX Vitoria Virgen Blanca 250cc championship in a tight duel won only by seven seconds. The new Yamaha appears to be at the height of Muñoz racing skills and is second in the first race and first in the second. He also shows the high efficiency of the Yamaha in the race of Lloret de Mar of 500 cc championship on July 25th winning both sets of the race.

In the penultimate round of the championship 250 cc raced August 8th in the circuit Castro Hinojedo in Santander, Randy falls because of a latecomer when going in head and should settle for fourth place in the first heat, while breaks down on the last lap of the second race and the title that seemed assured, remains uncertain to the last race, which takes place a week after, in the motocross IX of Salamanca.

As El Mundo Deportivo apostille, it happened on September 12th the impossible and Muñoz and Arcarons, Elias’s rivals in the championship of Spain fell. Arcarons retired with a concussion and Muñoz returned to the race to finish the first set in thirteenth position. The second position in the second round was not enough to give Spain the championship 250 cc and scores as runner-up.

The next race of 500 cc in Requena is on September 7th. Arcarons tries to reduce his difference with Muñoz in the championship, but winning does not serve anything. Randy scores the first round in second place and third in the second. All agree that the Yamaha 500 cc is the best bike and Muñoz’s favorite … but for some time all strive to qualify him as «Veteran Pilot».

Toni Elias explains  on Randy that «Muñoz is always the hardest,. Strong, is in very good shape and never considers a race lost» in Benicarlo, the penultimate round of the championship of Spain 500cc. Muñoz keeps calm, his advantage is very broad, and although his rivals are ahead of him, scores and consolidates the title in the next race which takes place in Almacelles, October 24th. After the abandonment of Arcarons at the start, the race for Muñoz becomes a piece of cake winning both sets and is proclaimed as champion of Spain in the 500cc category.

1983. He dissappears when still had a lot to race.

At 33 Randy is still very fit. He is a veteran of racing with an impressive record track, but keeps the combativeness of a junior. His sporting ambition and extensive experience make the champion and runner-up in 500cc and 250 cc category a formidable rival. Again chooses a private Yamaha to participate in the first race of 125 cc.

The fact that in previous seasons the 125 and 500 cc categories were incompatible caused the lack of leading figures, especially in the higher category, so the Motorcycle Federation decides to open participation to the three categories so if pilots wish.

On March 6th begins at Ibi (Alicante) the Spanish 125 cc Championship. Muñoz is third in both races and thus also in the overall classification.

On March 14th, starts the Spanish motocross championship in the 250cc category in Esplugues and Randy participates with a KTM from the spanish importer, Ton Marsinyach, forming a powerful team for the start of the championship. Muñoz begins in front of the race but has brake problems and finishes the first race in fourth place. The second race finished in third position and scores third in the overall championship. Decides that the next race will run again with the private Yamaha.

On March 20th, the 125 cc race takes place in Olot and Muñoz participates with his Yamaha and sponsoring «Motocard», the Andorran importer of the Japanese company. Fernando has no luck in the race and is ranked 5th in the first race and 2nd in the second, which scores third in the overall.

The next race in Morón scored 4th in the first race and 2nd in the second, thus maintaining its position in the overall. On April 17th Spanish GP 250cc Motocross takes place with a Spanish record representation, 11 drivers, and Muñoz classifies to start his private Yamaha. Curiously, it was impossible to follow the race timetables because virtually all foreign pilots had documentation problems with their motorcycles in the spanish customs and went late. Muñoz made a great first set, which let him start in the third position in spite of having four stitches in one hand due to a fall in tests. A brake problem forces him to pit and end far behind. In the second set makes a mediocre output and gets out of the race quickly.

On May 1th begins the spanish 500 cc championship 500 cc in Burgos and Randy must defend his No. 1 vs. Carlos Mas, the first rider of the Honda factory team. On May 15th, races the second round of the championship of Spain 250cc in Manresa. In the first round was fourth, and again bad luck is along his side, falling and scoring third.

And happens what should never happen. On May 18th at late night he was traveling as passenger in the car of the Andorran Yamaha importer. He had left the bikes in the car trailer of the Vallverdú workshop in La Seu d’Urgell, near of the Spanish-Andorran border. They were together for dinner and pick up a few bikes in the Principality. The border road from Seu d’Urgell to Andorra Principality border was still in pretty bad condition by the catastrophic floods on last Fall and a puncture caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, being traversed in the opposite lane. A oncoming car could not dodge and Fernando took the full impact. He was operated in the emergency hospital of La Seu, but after two hours in the operating room the doctors could not do anything to save his life.

The funeral was a few days later at the cemetery of Pallejà, which was overwhelmed by family, colleagues, friends, fans and neighbors who wanted to bid farewell to the beloved champion.