Motocross for Gilera (1981)

1981. Spanish Championship runner-up in 125 and 250 cc categories. Scores again in the World Championship

Muñoz starts the season in the Three Hours endurance Basella teaming with Domingo Illa. Must leave.

The first motocross spanish championship 125cc  takes place on 1st March in Jerez and Gilera wants to win the title at any cost, using the same bikes of the World championship and if possible, the reputated twin-cilynder. The team is very promising and initially rides a best bike than Elias. Despite tying points, Muñoz wins by time difference. Not yet been fully adapted to the new Gilera, is second in the first race after a fall, but wins in the second.

Meanwhile begins the seventeenth Esplugues Motocross 250cc championship on March 15th in style, perfectly assisted by Gilera factory with two motorcycles and a Italian mechanic, Marabini. Gives a recital in the first race to win, and in the second set falls and starts a spectacular comeback that does not work. Breaks his chain and simply enters the finish line. Anyway the Gilera is like a shot.

1981-MC Esplugues with Elías and Arcarons

The next round of the 125 cc championship takes place in Ibi. Muñoz wins, and also the next race in Olot.

On April 19th in Tajuña takes place the second race of the Championship 250cc of Spain and misfortune is along Muñoz’s side. He races injured in his foot and still scores the third in the first set. When it’s only three laps to the end his Gilera engine breaks down and must leave.

April 26th is the third round of the championship of Spain 250cc in Manresa, where Elias runs in front of his home and passionated fans. More bad luck for Muñoz: he breaks the gear of the bike in the first set when he had the victory within reach. In the second race fights with Elias, Ribo, Barragan and his Gilera engine made for practise, not to race, and scores fourth. Scores fourth in the overall.

1981-With Harry Everts

In Cullera, the fourth race of the 125 cc category takes place on May 10th, Derbi has worked very hard to provide Elias a more competitive bike but Muñoz takes advantage again winning both races. The title seems at Muñoz’s fingertips, but still remains much championship races.

The world championship 125cc motocross starts in Cognac (France) and many of the engines in 1981 are running liquid cooling. There was Muñoz, falling in the first set and suffering a puncture on the second, then went to Italy, Holland and Austria. In Italy becomes fourth in the first set, but problems with the suspension relegate him to the twelfth position, just tenth in the second set and scored points. No noteworthy results obtained in the Netherlands and Austria.

On May 16th there was in Marbella the next race of the championship of Spain 125cc and again a raging fight between Elias and Muñoz for the leading position. A puncture on lap 12 becomes Muñoz relegated to sixth place at the end of the first set. Fernando finished the second race in second place.

On 28th June the twelfth motocross «Ciudad de Lugo» Spain Championship 250 cc takes place again a duel between Muñoz and Elias. Elias won without too much trouble in the first set leaving Muñoz fourth, and the second was Muñoz who took advantage of the problems in the carburetor of Elias. In overall scoring Randy goes in second position.

The international motocross Burgos 250 cc non-scoring for the spanish championship during Holy Week festivities was another stage for rivalry between Muñoz-Elías. Muñoz is ranked second in both sets of the race and highlights his supremacy over the pilots «super». Some foreigners also participate in the test.

On July 8th there is other event besides the official championship, the Dirt Track which takes place in the oval track Canódromo Diagonal of Barcelona that was at the end of the University area with the presence of the most important drivers championship motocross Spain . It was announced the participation of Muñoz, but couldn’t go due to lack of bike.

On July 19th races motocross Vitoria «Virgen Blanca» race scoring to the championship of Spain  250 cc. Muñoz still has a chance of winning the title, but ranks second in the first set  and is again waging a fierce struggle with the two brothers Elias who relegate him to third place in the second set. Toni Elias is mathematically proclaimed champion of the category.

In anotherrace in Palau de Plegamans takes place outside scoring championships the «81-Superbike-Challenge Old Chap» organized by the Escuderia Motoclub Mollet and Isern. Muñoz is ranked in 5th position.

In the GP of Spain, the final round of the world championship of 125cc in Montgai held on August 16th starts as a favorite after his excellent performance in Italy. Randy gets a sensational fifth in the first race and the second race struggles to maintain his fifth position until lap twelve. The his efforts were in vain and could not score.

On September 6th, in the sixth round of the championship of Spain 125cc in Guissona (Lleida) there is a controversy concerning imported motorcycles, especially the invincible Yamaha. The organization warned that might occur, that in the circuit customs agents were to verify documentation and someone else changed the motorcycle before the race. Muñoz scored for second place in the first race, but he was not worried because his lead in the championship of Spain was very wide, and a fall in the second race relegated him to second place.

The last round of the championship of Spain 250cc run in Salamanca is decisive for the championship title. Takes place on September 13th and Muñoz must risk everything in the first set to overcome the 23-point advantage of Elias. Again fortune turns away from Muñoz and is far behind in the first set due to brake problems, chain and a puncture. This makes away any option. In the second set fights and gets the second position. He is by now the runner-up in the Spanish championship.

In Burgos runs the penultimate race of the championship 125 cc and Muñoz leads to a comfortable advantage, but in the second race mechanics betrays him and has to risk all in the last race, which takes place on 27th September in Castellón. There ends the 125cc championship and fight Elias and Muñoz for the title with one point difference. They enter in first and second position in the first set. Muñoz forces in the second set and reduces the advantage of Elias, but fails to overtake. Also in 125 cc category he is runner-up.

Out of competition takes place on November 15th motocross Can Rabella in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) with the best specialists in what is considered a rematch of the championship of Spain 250 cc.

Second and third in the Dog Dirt Track Diagonal which again is settled with a second position for Muñoz after a thrilling duel with Elias. The end of the Dirt Track moves to Municipal Stadium Torello and runs in ashes, without support or cant.