Motocross for Montesa (1975-1979)

1975. New motorcycle, new hopes. Transfer by Montesa.

The surprise new racer of Motocross Esplugas was Muñoz for Montesa, willing a competitive motorcycle and to end the uncertainty every time he was taking a test output. He had to leave in the first round, but in the second  gave a whole recital against the winner, Ignacio Bultó, showing all the power of Montesa’s new bike


1975-With Montesa

His first assignment was to test Montesa’s new Cappra, having as manager Luis Cantó and the funny Bubu Casanovas as mechanic. The three were a great team, especially Casanovas and Fernando, that were two of a kind.

In November won the motocross races of Martorell and of Las Planas. Everything suggests that the next year may be a great year.

1976. The Great Muñoz’s and Montesa Year. Spanish Champion of 250 cc and  RFME Trophy of 500 cc.

Montesa’s promise to bring Muñoz to the world championship of motocross increases his motivation to the limit. In the preseason the team travels for training to Belgium and stayed in a hotel near Raymond Boven’s, who acts as coach and crush the group with long physical and motorcycle sessions. Fernando even won an international race at Lommel riding a Cappra 360 against some of the best riders in the world.

Remembers Eduardo Rubio at number 802 of Motociclismo that «we were traveling like gypsies, but we had fun. One night we slept under a bridge in Belgium. When we woke up we found it snowed during the night, were dying of cold with a sore throat, I had to put him up like a babysitter for two days. «» We changed beers by chains to Czechs,  we stole adhesives or caps to any pilot. We were a funny tribe. Always together, with Pomeroy, a great friend of all of us and especially from him, and with «Blonde» Flores, the Spanish-Belgian who adored him, and who was also one of the tribe. «

Also out of sport it is a year of joy: he marries his girlfriend Pepi and his son Andy was born. Fernando asks Alberto Nomen, Bultaco technical director, who has an excellent relationship, to be the godfather of Andy.


1976 – Fernando Muñoz in a Rica Lewis’ sponsor ad












The XIII Motocross Esplugas saw its leaving in the first set, but won a fourth in the second, always fighting for the top positions with major international figures like Pomeroy, De Coster or Novak. He ends in the provisional third place in the championship of Spain.

Jim Pomeroy is known worldwide as Bimbo. What is not so well known is that was Fernando who gave such nickname to his friend Pomeroy. Jim found hard to pronounce Fernando (as usual among non-spanish speakers), he called too Randy. And as Fernando could not be different, started to call him «Bimbo». The nickname made his fortune in the world of the motocross motorcycles and Jim was known as Bimbo by the rest of his life. These popular spanish cake stickers could have something to do with it?

Bimbo cake collection stickers

Pomeroy was hired to race the world motocross championship by Bultaco and spent time in Barcelona to gear up the bikes and to practice. Bultaco installed him a little pension of Badalona, ​​but Jim is not happy with the accommodation and complaints to Fernando. He doesn’t hesitate to invites Jim to live in his house of Pallejà. In the 70s to see a so handsome foreigner in a not too large village like Pallejà was very unusual, and the tall and cute American had a great success among Pallejà’s women, so as they left each morning to practise, the friends of Fernando’s mother were every morning in the front door to ask Jim for a good morning kiss (on the cheek!).

Randy used during much of 1976 helmet and pants that Jim gave him as greeting present. It was a time when the Spanish industry was highly protected and when the pilots were abroad there was always a bike clothing manufacturer asking them to buy American or Italian kit to copy.

The MC XV del Vallès held on April 4th was more contested than ever, as the World  Champion Claude Jove left the Belgian championship by administrative problems and ran the Championship of Spain.

Video: Motocross Spanish GP

One week later started the RFME Trophy 500 cc whose first race was the «Ciudad de San Sebastian.» After a close race finishes fifth. The following week is the second test in Martorell and Muñoz wins with authority.

A week later was the Ascension II Motocross Granollers, very hard due to the mud produced by the rain which tests very hard the engines and the pilots, and Muñoz wins again.

On May 23th Muñoz and his team travels to Yugoslavia to participate in a World Championship race. They can not do much against the best but finishes very happy as the competition went. He was also pleased with his performance in Italy, France, England and Germany, and the best, he is aware that will be teaming the Montesa World Championship 250 cc category with the Swedish Hakan Anderson. A dream come true.

In Figueres wins again and in the third round of the championship 250 cc, the MC IV Llucanes pilots refuse to take the output because the excessive and dangerous dust. The circuit was finally irrigated and Muñoz was the frontrunner until he breaks the rear wheel and must leave. In the second race it is impossible for him to overtake Bultó because of the stones thrown by Bultó’s bike and should settle for second place. Continued third in the championship scores.


The following Grand Prix which takes place in Igollo (Santander) in July, Ignacio Bultó, the rival of Muñoz suffers a fall that results in a broken collarbone and his consequent withdrawal from the race, easily winning Muñoz. In the next round of the championship, the «Virgen Blanca» of Vitoria, stands in the starting gate a very embittered Bultó  of his shoulder and back. Muñoz breaks the rear wheel, so that a very young Elías takes advantage of the situation and wins.

In the 500 cc RFME Trophy race in Torremolinos, Muñoz wins despite mechanical problems in the first round. A great collective fall benefits both Muñoz and Elias. This makes Fernando still lead the overall scores.

On September 5th runs the VII San Antolin motocross in Palencia, and again the duel Elias-Muñoz delights fans. Muñoz is second and still leads the championship.

On 19th September Muñoz wins in both races of the Grand Prix de Guadalajara to Elias and the champion of Spain will be proclaimed after two more races, Castellon and Madrid. Due to a fall in tests does not take the start of the race of Castellón, instead he scores second in Madrid.

Still has not forgotten the trial and also participates in the Trial dels Tres Dies Cingles along with other ex-champions.

To top off a fantastic season champion Spain we is proclaimed champion of the RFME Trophy IX  in Benicarlo, Castellón. In Madrid despite suffering a fall in his duel with Elias and relegated to the end, gets the second position after an epic comeback in the first set, and clearly won the second race. With both championships, queen category of Spain, motocross 250 cc, and 500 cc RFME Trophy, Muñoz performs for History.

 M. Serras. «Muñoz: Iré al Mundial el próximo año». El Mundo Deportivo, domingo 10 de octubre de 1976

To finish up the successful year of Montesa, a young Toni Arcarons wins junior titles.

1976 – Publicidad Montesa

He also participates in the Mollet 150 miles off road with other motocross and TT riders without noticeable results.

1977. Spanish Runner-up.

With a new brand dorsal No. 1 in his Montesa Cappra, Muñoz focuses on the world championship and Spain in the premier class, the 250 cc. Montesa prototype was prepared exclusively for Muñoz, derivative from series bikes with the same geometry but extremely lightweight in its entirety. The engine is also very retouched. Instead, the rest of the team races series bikes with small changes in the engine.

On March 13th the first race starts at the Circuit House in Madrid, with the track in excellent condition after its reform and the rainfall. Only a puncture Muñoz relegated to 13th place in the first race hard disputed with Elias, and a fall in the second set makes him finish in 5th. Elias has thoroughly prepared the preseason and has shown great sporting moment. The Bultaco / Montesa rivalry plays especially for fans in the figures of both drivers.

The second race was a week later in Figueres, the Alt Empordà XVI MC again saw a duel between Elias and Muñoz, which resulted in a 2nd position for Randy. Fernando believes motorbike «goes better», but is not happy with the result.

1977-Alto Ampurdán

The third race is the International Motocross Esplugues which takes place on March 27th with the circuit in good condition but Muñoz had not a good day and a puncture in the second race relegated him to the 6th position. A third position in the start of the season is not enough for him.


Regarding the world championship, the Spanish GP takes place on April 4th, opening the season. Unfortunately Muñoz ranking sinks. In Czechoslovakia he could not start. The reason was an accident in training tests resulting in a nose  and two vertebrae injury. Daily El Mundo Deportivo praises his role in the World Championship, but according to the newspaper Muñoz is aware of his real possibilities over there.

The fourth round of the championship takes place in Martorell Spain, and all eyes are on Muñoz, as if he can overcome this losing streak.

«Muñoz (Montesa) debe vencer en Martorell». El Mundo Deportivo, viernes 20 de mayo de 1977

Finally wins overwhelmingly, according to the press, and even boring given his great superiority, and get the provisional third place in the championship of Spain.

In the race «Que Grande es ser Joven» which takes place in June in Esplugues, Muñoz stars again a nice duel with Elias, but he fell away from the leading positions. The XXIV Virgen Blanca in Vitoria won the first set but shortly suffered mechanical problems after taking off the second set and despite his tremendous effort only managed to reach seventh position, keeping his third provisional place in the Spanish Championship.

In September VIII Igollo MC takes place in Torrelavega, and a tie between Elias and Muñoz allows Fernando to reach the second place in the provisional championship of Spain. The race was hard and public attendance was very wide.

In the penultimate round was the fourth of Salamanca MC. Muñoz did an excellent performance by winning both races and the championship of Spain was red hot.


1977-Muñoz and Elías in Salamanca

The last race was in Castellón and all of the eyes were in Muñoz and Elias duel. In the first race all the leaders rolled on the floor without consequences, they wasted time and were going up to reach the top positions.There were times when Fernando was about to renew his title of champion of Spain, but went wrong in the second race and he was overtaken by Gris and Ribo, so the scores of the Spanish championship were not altered, and finally was runner-up in the general score.

1978. Spanish Champion in 500 cc and first points of a spanish pilot in the Motocross World Championship. 

Elías and Muñoz are listed as favorites for the title of 250 cc.

Starts bad the season in the motocross race played in Sant Celoni (Barcelona) on Feb. 19 to benefit the Red Cross because again Muñoz punctures his wheel in the first set and broke in the second.

The first race of 250 cc. was in Mollet and Fernando wins the first round with a overwhelming superiority, while the controversy rushes in the second. Because he was trapped in a jam, leaves from far behind and desperately retrieved positions before a fall. Bultó is accused by some to cause Muñoz’s downfall, while others say it was a result of a fall when tightened his wheel overtaking Bultó. Anyway, he is third in the second race.

In the second round of the championship finals in Figueres March 5th, Muñoz won the first set, but had not a good day and first punctured and then broke the damper and again starred with Elias a thrilling duel that resulting in a third position.

On March 19th begins the first test in Olot for the super championship 500 cc. Muñoz is considered the favorite after the first practice. According to Solo Moto # 134, Muñoz has more size than Elias and has a physical advantage to better master the machine 500 cc. and precedes his title RFME Trophy 1976, only 500 cc championship held in Spain.

In the second round held on 26th March in Cullera, the ground is almost impossible for 500 cc bikes, despite all the good will of the organizators to put in water. The ground in Valencia is typically hard, dry, with lots of loose gravel in the area that does not allow the bikes enough «go» to give gas. Elias and Muñoz overlapped in the first lap the rest of the competitors and Elias puts all the eggs in one basket, taking advantage of an imbalance of Muñoz to beat. In the second race falls Bultó and stars a spectacular comeback that puts to  wheel Muñoz, who does his best with his rear brake problems and pain in the arm as a result of his fall. Fernando finally finishes third.

The XV International motocross Esplugas, scoring championship of Spain 500cc and with significant foreign presence, given the proximity of the GP of Spain, was a big muddy area due to the fall storm on Saturday during practice and proved that Muñoz’s element was mud.The typical slippery Baix Llobregat regional’s mud and having the circuit beside the Montesa Factory were familiar to our neighbor and flew over the track overwhelmingly winning both races, and therefore being provisional championship leader.

The XVII GP of Spain is the first test of the motocross world championship. Takes place in the circuit Vallès and has representatives from 20 countries. The good performance in the motocross Esplugues against some of the best drivers in the world promised the best for Muñoz. In the first laps of the first set became fourth, but he suffered in a fall of an old injury to the nerve and left several more places because his stiff hand and forced him to cross the limits of pain.

The fourth round of the championship of Spain 500cc was played at the new circuit Aguinaga in San Sebastian and started with a general fall in which were involved Elias and Muñoz. Both recovered positions and end the first round in first and second position respectively. The second round concludes in the same way and continues to lead Muñoz.

On May 7th, participates in the Italian GP and there enters in the Motocross History: becomes the first Spanish ranked in the World Motocross, to be fifth in the second race. It is his best result in the World Cup.

Muñoz, fifth in Italy

The third round of the championship of Spain 250cc takes place in Madrid and due to injuries of Bultó and Elias, Muñoz starts as the favorite. Forecasts are met and although Muñoz comes second in the first race, the rest of the race is a piece of cake for him. In the provisional scores goes leader.

Muñoz didn’t race the V Motocross «Que Grande es ser Joven» in Esplugues, May 21th. Instead he took part in the GP of Czechoslovakia, but not among the ranked. The June 4th raced in the Austrian GP with a brilliant grass track with few breaks, maintaining the second position in the first set for many laps until a fall which broke his aspirations. And he was really unlucky during the German Grand Prix: a fall caused serious injury, breaking his fibula in the lower leg.

He underwent surgery in Belgium and took Pepi and their child, because he wants to be operated by the medical team who healed De Coster, which had extensive experience in similar injuries and the medical leave was initially calculated for four weeks. He feels that for the following races everything is lost, so his options to the titles of 500 and 250 cc championship in Spain are reduced … if nothing happens.

The championship races 250cc Spain in Yunquera and in Igollo are described by the press with adjectives ranging from «soporific» to «boring». Muñoz wants to race in Torrelavega and gets on the bike without being fully recovered to participate in the tests of Igollo MC, but his condition is very poor and caution is required.

The expected comeback arrives July 23th in Vitoria, in the MC «Virgen Blanca». Muñoz knows he has lost all options to the spanish championship and has been too long without riding the bike, but wants to race again. In tests scores the second fastest time, but after running four laps of the first race suffers from injury and must leave. Back to the start in the second round but must leave again. It is still too recent injury.


On September 2th, Munoz kept intact his lead in the championship of Spain 500cc MC Lluçanès because the controversial pilot abandon, and the race was aborted. In the sixth Motocross Riveira the next race is held and Muñoz had no luck, being sixth in the first race and scored the second.

In Salamanca, in the 250cc championship, various mechanical problems moved away Muñoz from the positions of head and continued third in the overall standings. The last race held in Benicarlo, Castellon, a week after ends with leading positions determined and Elias was champion of Spain. Muñoz burnt out his rear wheel in the stony track of Benicarlo and ranked fifth in the championship.

In Burgos, Muñoz won the second set and the 500 cc championship was hotting up. The last race of the championship took place in Almacelles and this time the bad luck was u¡ub the side of Elias, who suffered several falls and handed triumph to Muñoz on a silver plate, who is proclaimed champion Spain.

1978-Spanish Motocross Champion

1978 – Spanish Motocross Champion 500 cc

At late season Muñoz has not still dealt his renewal for Montesa.

1979. Spanish Runner-up of 250 cc

Earlier this year, is one of the candidates for athlete of the year by the newspaper El Mundo Deportivo of Barcelona.

In Esplugues the first race of the championship of Spain Super 250cc, eve of GP in Spain,  in circuit Vallès, the race is disputed. After dominating the entire first set, Muñoz suffers a confusion that takes him away the first position and the second gets damp brake when goes into a deep puddle and just can the third position.

In the second race held in Cap Martinet, Ibiza, Muñoz is second in the first race and won the second, resulting provisional leader.

On April 8th, GP Championship in Spain Vallès opens each year the World motocross season. Five Spanish pilots are on the starting gate, including Muñoz, who scored in the tests the third fastest time. A successful race overflows with 50,000 spectators the organization and the public again and again invades the track in the race. Muñoz finishes the first race in seventh place, and must leave the second set. Meanwhile Elias is in amazing fit and gets the second position in the second race.

The 250 cc spanish championship continues in Marbella. Muñoz wins again overwhelmingly both races and is the leader of the scores. On 22th April the Dutch GP was the second round of the World Championship and participated Elias and Muñoz. Muñoz has no luck and finishes far behind, while Elijah leaves.

On May 6th, the fourth race of the season takes place in Belgium. Muñoz makes a great performance in the second set, but can not achieve a good rating.

In Yunquera de Henares, scoring race for the championship of Spain 250cc motorcycle,  Muñoz starts but does not achieve the expected results and resigns to score for third position in the first race and fifth in the second. He is second in the general championship.

Bultaco leaves in the month of June the World 250 cc Championship and gives the freedom card to its star, Jim Pomeroy. Montesa also rescinds the contract of his French driver Daniel Pean. They are bad omens for the future of both companies.

In Igollo (Santander), suspensions again trick Munoz, who finished second in the first race after the usual spectacular duel with Elias, finishing ninth in the second set after winning.

Thirteen points separate Elias, Ribo and Muñoz in Salamanca. Again brake problems block Muñoz to be classified among the leaders. Scores ninth place in the first race and fourth in the second race despite the spectacular race that he has done.

In Burgos, despite the magnificent race of Muñoz winning both races where put all of the eggs in a basket, Elias proclaimed champion Spain mathematically to end the first round and the cava (catalan champagne) run. The Muñoz’s number 5 Montesa gets the look of their serial «cousins» for commercial reasons and speculates whether the change in the mechanical staff have had to do with his improvement. Someone else maliciously insinuating that Fernando is finished have to shut up.

The manufacturers’ championship is decided in the last race which takes place in Olot. Muñoz wins and is runner-up in Spain.

On November 4th a new Solo Moto Criterium takes place on II-Superprestigio Calafat with motocross exhibition. The previous edition had been a success and it was decided to include motocross, attended by leading figures such as Muñoz, Elias, etc.. but the number of people who sneaks into the circuit, broken fences, etc.. overflows to the organization.

The artificial motocross circuit presents some asphalt sections. The anecdote is given on Saturday when motocross riders lend their bikes to speed pilots, including world champions like Angel Nieto or Ricardo Tormo, and what was an innocent game becomes a massive quarrel which finishes to Tormo with broken collarbone and foot injury to Angel Nieto. Muñoz is ranked in second place winning a set.

1979 – II Criterium Superprestigio of Calafat