Motocross for Ossa (1974-1975)

1974. Ossa: high expectations.

Although starting Domingo Gris, twice motocross spanish champion and Fernando Muñoz with Bultaco, they transfered by Ossa unexpectedly. Fernando feels compelled to Bultaco, but the Ossa’s lucrative financial proposal, the promise to race motocross and something that happened at the beginning of the season in a trial match at La Ciudad de los Muchachos, on the foothills of Collserola (Barcelona) decided Fernando and Domingo to transfer to Ossa.

Jaime Alguersuari explains in Motociclismo magazine in the first half of March 1974, that the cause of fulminant transfer was economic. After the Paya’s departure of the Ossa team  and after the failed attempt of understanding with Mendivil, Ossa cleverly hired the two pilots and friends. As they state, informed Don Paco the Ossa’s proposition and Bultaco offered better economic conditions, but Ossa remained much higher and within 48 hours was accomplished the transfer. Under Suriñach as team manager, Gris and Muñoz geared up the new Phantom.

Both raced the first round of the championship of Spain, the Motocross of Martorell on April 21th. The bike, the new Phantom 250 sins of youth problems and the results were not the expected racing in Figueras, Jerez, Cullera, Vitoria, Huesca, Llodio and San Antolin. The last round of the championship seems to be better and Muñoz got a brilliant fourth score, promising for the following year championship.

Initially Fernando was hired as Ossa pilot for trial, but simultaneously disputed the two championships and eventually choosed the Motocross as he liked.


1974 – Muñoz and Gris transfered by Ossa

1975. Ossa: a quick break.

Muñoz withdraws the trial competition and dedicates exclusively to motocross as he was willing for so long. His great friend Malcolm Rathmell transfers by Montesa.

Starts brilliantly the championship by winning the second set of MC Jerez, second race of the season, but mechanical problems make him quit in the next race, the MC of Alt Empordà Figueres. Doubts as to continue on trial or to follow in motocross and start demotivated by the lack of competitiveness of his bike, accusing Ossa to do not accurate maintain the bikes.

Ossa suddenly dismisses Domingo Gris in May and Fernando Muñoz makes the decision to join him, despite developing the factory prototype Phantom. After all, he was hired as trial pilot trial, so he could go to another motocross team.

The economic problems that ran through the factory, which suffered a major strike in 1975 during a time of great labor unrest during the Spanish Transition, in addition to the strong competition that meant the gradual opening of the Spanish borders to foreign imports, are another story that competition department Ossa was not indifferent.

«Tras su violenta ruptura con Ossa, tanto Gris como Muñoz ya están con Montesa». Mundo Deportivo, jueves 12 de junio de 175.