The Legend of Fernando Muñoz Carrasco, Randy

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 Under construction and permanent release.

Fernando Muñoz Carrasco, aka Randy, is one of the most complete and known motocross and trial spanish pilots in the 70 and 80s. We are gathering memories of his stay in UK with Martin Lampkin, Malcolm Rathmell and their families, and also of the stay in Pallejà of Jim Pomeroy at Randy’s. Any help will be highly appreciated. Please contact us by this website.

Fernando died 30 years ago in a car crash and his memory is still very present among the motocross spanish fans. We are proud to present his comprehensive biography and track record.



1970 – Runner-up in the ISDT (El Escorial)

1972 – Champion of the SSDT (Scotland) 350 cc category and Trophy «Ben Newis»

1973 – Trial Champion Spain

1976 – Winner 500cc Motocross Challenge RFME

1976 – Champion of Spain 250cc Motocross

1977 – Sub-250cc Motocross Spain

1978 – Champion of Spain 500cc Motocross

1979 – Sub-250cc Motocross Spain

1981 – Sub-250cc Motocross Spain

1981 – Sub-125cc Motocross Spain

1982 – Champion of Spain 500cc Motocross

1982 – Sub-250cc Motocross Spain


«Do not Never Forget Him» his widow Pepi asked us in the I Supercross in Barcelona which was organized in his memory. And here we are more than 30 years later.

He left an unforgettable track on the Spanish off-road motorcycling. Not only has the most complete palmares of the History of Spanish motorcycling, also developed with the technical department of Montesa the legendary Montesa Cappra VE and VF, and was a pioneer pilot in participating in international events like the ISDT or world championship motocross where he was the first Spanish pilot to score. In the human aspect is remembered as a very outgoing, friendly and warm person, and regarding the sport as a tenacious pilot, great fighter technical tirelessly champion who was not happy only to score, but he had to do adding an extra lap to his followers, not only in the championship of Spain, but also in the World Championship. He was feared the same in the sports track as loved out of them.

Memories of Fernando are still very living in his village, Pallejà, 15 km near of Barcelona. Not only for having dedicated the name of the municipal sports hall and the local motorcycle club, also he left a great track in the  village where he spent most of his life. Anyone still remember stories of when he was training at the small circuit prepared with a bulldozer by the river, their jokes, when a boy was eight and Fernando took him in the rear seat of his Ossa Phantom, when asked Mario to throw his reed once, the place where he kept the bikes and trailer … time passed, years passed, and it seems yesterday.

Upon the 30th anniversary of his death our motoclub decided that a good way to pay tribute was to make a exhibition open for everybody to let know how important our neighbor had been for the Spanish motorcycling sport. Both gather information and arrange the small exhibition was a trip back in time.

Thanks to his brother Pepe, to Pepi, his widow, his children Alicia and Andy, Joan Navarro, Antonio Benito, Joan Miquel Vila, Carlos Augusto Moreno, manager of Motociclismo magazine, Ramon Costa, Toni Elias and many others that left us the bikes, clothing, trophies, medals, magazines, pictures, posters, testimonies, who had saved diligently for so many years, and the Major and the City Council of Pallejà, we could do something with more enthusiasm than means. Best of all, each and every one of the people who visited or who could not be with us even, wanted to shared their memories, many offered more material and thus we are able to perform their official website with full palmares and as detailed as we can biography. We also want to thank Estanislau Soler for sharing with us his time, his knowledge and memories once the exhibition finished. John Moffat and Barry Robinson, as well as Lampkin family are helping us to find memories of the time spent by Randy in England. We are really grateful to them by their time and effort.

We will not stop here. This biography is in progress.


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